Saturday, June 23, 2018

Days 7 & 10 of Dada Actions : With In and With Out

DADATEXT  (  action - photo  )  - Hungary
József Bíró  - June 18, 2018

Four Dada Sound Actions conceived by Tom Plsek, Diane Keys, Zayde Buti & Peter J. Evans

Performed June 21, 2018 at Dewey Square, Boston, MA, USA
in honor of Global Make Music Day
by guest musicians: Nathanial Karahalis, Pamela Marshall, John Bechard
and Mobius Artists/Alumni Yuka Takahashi, Joanne Rice, Tom Plsek, Zayde Buti, Milan Kohout, Jane Wang

aDaDa with Homage to the Lettrists
By Tom Plsek

For ensemble of 5 – 20 performers (maybe more)
Instruments: voice or practical/conventional instruments
The ensemble performers may perform on any practical/conventional instruments and/or voice. Each performs in his/her own time.

1. Identify and listen intently to a sound from your soundscape.

2. When the sound has been assimilated sufficiently the performer performs the OPPOSITE (each will have, of course, their own definition and implementation of “opposite.” This can be simultaneously done with the base sound or alternatingly.

3. Continue performing as long as it is enjoyable.

[take 2]----------->

Clapping Score
by Zayde Buti

Clap for clapping's sake; not for anything specific.
Clap in a location that's highly visible to others.
Clap for a lot longer than you normally would.
Don't tell anyone what you are (or aren't) clapping for.

DADA Sound Symphony
by Diane Keys

1. 3 or more people seated in a circle.
2. Signal the beginning of the symphony by ringing a bell, chime, or tuning fork.
3. 1 person starts by saying "DA"
4. Others chime in with spontaneous utterances and sounds (no words)
5. The players spontaneously build upon the group's sounds, ebbs and flows until it reaches it's natural end.
6. Bell, chime, or tuning fork signifies the end.
7. Originator closes with “DADA".

                      {video only captures steps 4. through 7.}

by Peter J. Evans

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[corrected erratae : Day 10, not Day 13 and June 21, not June 24]