Friday, June 15, 2018


Stand on Your Head/This is not The Not
by Liz Roncka

Where is it?

Where's the song, where's the dance,
Where's the joke in this?

Where's the art, the poetry,
The hook-line-and sinker?

I turn it around and around,
Inside out
Upside down

And there's nothing
And in this nothingness is everything
That I fail to see
Because confusion and chaos is so blurry to me

Maybe if I spin faster I can match it
Spin my head so fast it will make sense
But what is the sense?
There's none to be had

Perhaps I could enjoy the fall if I wasn't looking for the bottom?

And if I let go of the bottom,
Then I am floating,
Ever suspended.

This is not the In-Between
This is not The Not
This Is

I run around the empty room,
Trying to escape the space
Faster and faster
But it surrounds me,
Corners me,
Envelopes me

All my talk is cheap and garbled.

My own words bounce off the walls,
Gently pelting my face
With the light sting of sleet
No sooner do they strike,
They melt

And what if I sat,
I know that I could
In the midst

Let it rain down
Everything falling at once
I'd still be here
Falling too

Let it drip

There's no bottom
No bottom
So you won't hit

Stand on your head
And fall the other way

The beginning
The end
It's all a mirage
An endless loop

Haven't you seen how it repeats?

The angle of the sun makes everything look different
But it's not

You're not falling
You're floating
Just stand on your head