Thursday, June 28, 2018

Theophany, 2010 - Meghan E. Van Alstyne
Video collaboration filmed at Polymer Kulture Factory
performed with Ernest Truly; filmed by: Sina Hickey and Leaana


collaboration with Jonathan Stangroom
lenses mailed to me by Jonathan Stangroom, attached to headdress


"Day de Dada Manifesto_3.5.2012"

We the alligator of Staten Island,
in order to form more perfect sweat,
establish pencils,
insure domestic jewelry,
virago (bitch) for the common water-lily'
promote the general dogs,
and secure the blessings of action script
to ourselves and Bjork,
do ordain and establish
this Day de Dada manifesto.

"Have Some Common Cents" - detail of penny stole and piggy bank
The first penny stole was designed/sewn by Mary Campbell.
C. Mehrl Bennett made a second stole fashioned after the first.

VisPostal Opening Event - Performance by John M. Bennett and C. Mehrl Bennett

Two videos made by Josh Kaukl document a performance by John M. Bennett and C. Mehrl Bennett during the opening of VISPOSTAL, a mailart exhibit installed by Chris Wells, who put out the call for visual poetry mailart contributions, and arranged for video documentation of the opening performance. The Upstairs Art Space owner, Annalisa Ventola, is also to be congratulated for hosting the opening and the exhibit at her space in Columbus, OH. Part One video begins with "The Eternal Circle" as performed by Jeff Chenault (an audience member) and C. Mehrl Bennett. Both are wearing penny stoles as part of this ritual. Those penny stoles were previously worn by CMB and Diane Keys at this Chicago Fluxfest event documented at dadabloge -  in which "The Eternal Circle" was also performed, but with less LUCK generated that time, due to pennies disappearing into the grass at Portal Park. Part Two ends with another "Cents" or "Penny" piece called "Have Some Common Cents," for which CMB had circulated among the audience to gather their "two cents worth" in the piggy bank before the performance began. (Part One posted at Chris Wells' YouTube channel) (Part Two posted at Chris Wells' YouTube channel) (Documentation by Chris Wells of some of the VISPOSTAL mailart)


EMu DaDa - Damien Olsen