Friday, June 8, 2018

digital collage homage to Tom Waits


The Concert
by Hanne Tierney

A gifted young musician and singer from the Crown Heights neighborhood in Brooklyn planned a concert at the local gallery, FiveMyles, The concert was advertised as lasting from 6pm to 9 pm.

At 5pm FiveMyles’ staff does its part, sets up the video and tapes off the art work on the walls.

At 7pm the musicians come in and start setting up.

At 7:30 pm the audience begins to hang out on the sidewalk, the musicians leave to get some food. The DJ arrives and he starts setting up. But no singer yet.

At 8pm the singer arrives in a car service. He dashes inside and begins to yell and scream at the DJ, who yells and screams back. Horrible insults. The audience moves down the sidewalk, just in case either of them has a gun. The singer storms off.

At 8:30pm the audience moves back up the sidewalk, the singer’s mother finds the singer and tries to talk him into performing. The band is still out eating and drinking somewhere, the singer sulks, and the audience begins to leave.

At 9pm the musicians come back, a lovely young woman takes the mic, the musicians half heartedly begin to play, luckily a bottle of cognac appears, and whoever is left on stage, loosens up with a little brandy. Someone brings in the singer, he sings one song, and storms out again.

At 9:45pm the band has had it and packs up. The audience has dwindled down to four.

We, from FiveMyles, take down the video and with the four left-over audience members sit outside on the bench, finish what’s left of the brandy, and philosophizes about the risky business of live performance.

Racial Dada or
"Rachel Dolezal represented herself as African-American for many years,
earned a degree in Africana studies from Howard University,
and even ascended to the position of president of the
the Spokane, Washington chapter of the NAACP" - KATHLEEN MCHUGH