Saturday, June 30, 2018

Drawn, Quartered, Remembered, (A Contemporary Exquisite Corpse)
By Tontine: Todd Bartel, Bo Joseph, Michael Oatman, James Scott
GIF by Todd Bartel

Dada Body of CABARET REVOLTAIRE: 100 years of Dada
a provocational statement

Think of the event as if we are all a part of one body, a living thing.
Know that we are all necessary for the life of this DADA BEING.
Toes may wiggle. Head turns. Arms raise or punch,
one at a time or together…
It speaks, whistles, clear it’s throat, spits.
It can make beautiful sounds, sonorous or sexy softs… This arm
waves while the body walks.

The belly protrudes. Breasts flop. Nipples redden & sensitize.
A penis may become erect. An eye is winking.  The head scratched…
Then the Body jumps & grabs a chair sets it on a nearby table
that begins to rise...
A sigh of passion. The howl of wolf, of cloudwind. of streets…
twirling, bouncing, floating . The Dada Being.
it is a child, a mature adult, an animal, a blank sheet of paper. . .
listening  seeing  touching

This is quite a dream.

This is not the expected, the sedentary,
the perfect, or happily pleasing.
This is not just another night in the cool arty world of LA.
This is DADA. No mess around shit.
We got rough edges we do…
Smells delightful & skunky (pot or coffee?)




Balloon Peace
by Judy Dunaway 

Two people should carry round latex balloons filled with helium for one hour in a public place. The balloons should all be approximately the same size. Each balloon should be securely attached to a string that is five to eight feet long. Securely attach the “carrying” end of the strings to a weight that is heavy enough so they cannot be accidentally released.

Each of the two people’s balloon colors should match those of the flags of two countries and/or groups who are currently at war or have current civil conflict with each other (i.e., the Ukraine would be a blue balloon and a yellow balloon; Russia would be a red balloon, a white balloon and a blue balloon). One person carries the colors of one country and the other person carries the colors of the other country. The two people should stand in viewing distance of each other, but should never come closer than 10 feet of each other. They should walk around over the course of the hour and vary the distance between themselves. They may sit and rest for brief periods, but not more than 15 minutes total for the entire hour. They should not react to or communicate with each other in any way.

The only word the two people may say for the entire hour is “peace” (in English). They should not shout. They may greet people with the word “peace” if they wish, or wish them “peace” as they depart. Otherwise they should only speak when spoken to, and they may only say the word “peace” (in English).

The two people should dress conservatively and should not wear a costume or anything indicating they are representing a certain country. 

After an hour has passed, the performers may end the piece in any way they wish with the exception of releasing the balloons into the sky. Do not release the balloons into the sky. Releasing helium balloons into the sky is an environmental hazard. To dispose of them properly, pop the balloons and put the detritus in a trash receptacle. 

If a balloon accidentally pops or is accidentally released during the piece the piece must be stopped. Replace the missing balloon and restart the piece from the time point at which the disruption happened. If there is any other disruption (i.e., a participant must go to the toilet, the participants need to speak to an official about what they are doing, etc), stop the piece and then when it is over, start the piece from the time point at which the disruption happened.

a current picture from my studio
with a postcard from a series circa 1980.

Selected Notes No. 2 (2018) - Sarah Pitan

Memories - Jennifer Weigel
poetry reading and transitions video of socks in an electric dryer

Orig' stencil & stamps of ink over 1903 magazine.
4"x 6"


Testing a handmade fuse for a desert performance - Mike M Mollett