Monday, June 25, 2018

Days 12 & 13 of Dada Actions : Off and Off

Hic et Nunc (Here and Now) - One of Five Laboratories in Performative Intervention
Circus Factory, Cork, IRELAND - June 23, 2018
Francesca Castellano, and collaborators Harry Clayton-Wrigh, Ken Fanning

This workshop focuses on performance in the context of intervention in the Public Space. It is structured to allow participants from varied disciplines to engage with the process of collaboration and activism. Participants are asked to consider the Public Space: i.e. as an architectural space, a collection of physical buildings, infrastructures and pedestrian routes, as an institutional site of coded signs that we respond to, as as a historical site, as a tourist attraction, as a space to consider collective/individual ways of being etc. Through collaboration participants are encouraged to explore their individuality and creativity with new ways of moving through space and to initiate the rupture of “normal” social codes towards a potential “other” way of living-sharing-inhabiting the world.

The overarching aim of the laboratory is to enable participants to expand their own individual practice by encouraging experimentation and activism.

Additional Documentation:

Dada Actions - Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA, USA
Performed June 24, 2018

by Mobius Artists Zayde Buti and Jane Wang

Dada Action: Survey - created by Batu Bozo─člu

Print the cards and the tests
Ask people to participate on the survey
Tell them that it's a research on people's the daily routine
Show them the cards to encourage participation
Fill out the survey by reading the questions to the participant
Reward them with some cards for their contribution

Dada Action: Clapping Score - created by Zayde Buti

Clap for clapping's sake; not for anything specific.
Clap in a location that's highly visible to others.
Clap for a lot longer than you normally would.
Don't tell anyone what you are (or aren't) clapping for.