Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Photo credit: Martin Haesemeyer

Sinking Adam

Concept / Performance: 

Yuka Takahashi
Angela Sawyer

Performed at 

Boston University 808 Gallery

Walking through life, our actions and beliefs are often judged by other people with their own unique perspectives. How much does the fear of being judged influence our own actions and, on the other hand, how does the way we deal with this fear influence the judgment?

There is an almost physical quality to the vibe given by judging eyes.

Photo credit: Martin Haesemeyer

Photo credit: Martin Haesemeyer

Do invisible vibrations in the air change a person's body?

Can a body change the signals those invisible vibrations give off?

Yuka Takahashi and Angela Sawyer work in somatic movement, installation & sound respectively, but they both cross back & forth between conceptual composition and improvisation.

Photo credit: Martin Haesemeyer

Their collaboration blends their separate arts in unique ways.