Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Plastic Bottle Succulent Garden, April 2018
By Barbara Lubliner

Beverage bottle discards fashioned into an abstract rendering of a succulent garden as part of "NYC Trash! Past, Present and Future" at The City Reliquary Museum backyard space.



cast paper, satin  2009

Three Ply; A Skit or Skat                      

by Lewis Gesner

Characters:  Lewis III, Lewis VI, Konrad Von

Scene: A father, Lewis III, sits on the floor with his two sons, Lewis IV and Konrad Von, staring at a drawing of a crescent moon cut out of paper and glued onto a wall. Lewis III is wearing black clothing, which, in the sun beaming in through an adjacent window, makes him extremely hot. But he considers it his artist uniform, unaware that the current fashion is to wear a white shirt spattered with blue and green drops of paint, leopard design shorts, and knee pads. Indeed, he recalls attending a certain royal princess’s funeral in Thailand, confidently wearing his black death drag. As white is the color of mourning in Thailand, he stood out conspicuously in the white clad crowd of thousands. Still, he resists change. Lewis IV is quite comfortable wearing only his Transformer underwear. Konrad Von is wearing a disposable diaper which he slings fashionably low from his hips, creating an impossible to ignore sag in the middle, which states with panache, I am the dominant male in this room. Without drawing their attention away from the makeshift satellite, they engage in a discourse.

Lewis III: OOO ooo eee rrr mmm. Zzz mmm rrr eee, rrr eee, rrr eee. Zzz. Zzz mmm, rrr.

Lewis IV: Fusy asoln, vaoqm. Oalf sobu veau.

(several moments of silence - Konrad Von opens his mouth to speak, but there is a dramatic delay before his words emerge)

Konrad Von: Apbu Bopru. Bpe re. OP9BUErAS.

Lewis III: (quickly responding as if to dissipate a smoke of error in the air) Mmm eee rrr lll ooo eee rrr. OOO ooo zzz mmm!

Lewis IV: Oalf, oof slav fu, fvluulos. (a catalog of facial mugging) Boooulsla. Oqqab.

Lewis III: Rrr eee OOO ooo, OOO ooo. (blinking rapidly now) Rrr eee! Eee ! Rrr eee!

Konrad Von: (with a dismissive gesture from a New Yorker cartoon) Pi IIAABO PTI E121.

(all three standing as if to honor an invisible guest, recite in unison)
Lewis III, Lewis IV, Konrad Von: Nuosvvvvvvvvuuuuuuuvv ourjooxooovvviii mm. VAOOiBsM. Kelsen. KOLELLMSSOOO.

(one of them escapes to an open door, which one of them is determined spontaneously in the performance – the remaining two follow quickly - they descend  stairs to a ground level floor - there is no curtain, but rather a metal motor controlled storefront gate which begins to descend over a recessed entrance to the building – the three face it as if a drama has concluded – as in fact it has – they stand in a line shoulder to shoulder and Konrad Von takes one step forward to address an outer vegetable garden and a sprayman’s cloud of pesticide as they are extinguished by the lowering gate)

Konrad Von:  Apbu bopru, ASbopru.

(you can only see him for another moment, and just his feet, assuming you are malingering outside of the building)